Reseller Benefits

Starts @ Rs 15,000 /-

Advantages of Reseller Hosting

Whether you plan to Start Your Own Hosting Company, or you are just looking for a large site that can handle all of your needs, a Reseller Hosting Package may be the answer. There are several advantages that you will have by selecting this option, which we will detail below.

Many companies prefer to run different segments of their sites with different urls and different servers, which can become quite expensive. If you have a reseller plan, you can simply allocate different amounts of space for all of your needed solutions instead of having to purchase additional hosting plans.

Reseller hosting is a web hosting service provision model. In this, the service provider delivers web hosting solution on third party owned servers. The service provider buys huge chunks of bandwidth and server space from the hosting provider and then breaks these chunks into smaller pieces for retail. Because the reseller host needs to provide competitive prices, the margins are lowered. However, they make up for this by reselling the chunks to many individual users. It is a convenient starting point for those interested in web hosting service provision but lack the capital for the initial investment.

More Features

Reseller accounts will typically include a greater amount of features than basic hosting plans. Your control panel for administering your website will normally be more powerful and allow you to manage your site very effectively. Our Website panel, a powerful site control panel that is only offered to companies that use to create a End Users, Reseller or Sub Reseller accounts.

No Maintenance

Instead of purchasing your own server for your company, a reselling plan is very similar to having your own dedicated server with one important difference. You won’t be the one having to worry about complicated server issues if something should go wrong. Having a technical support department that is well versed in fixing these problems is a very helpful aspect of having a reseller hosting package.

Less Expense

Instead of having to purchase a dedicated server, a reseller hosting plan allows you to take advantage of many similar features without the added cost. Most reseller plans are extremely low priced when compared to dedicated solutions, leaving your business with more financial resources for other areas of your site. As we mentioned earlier, if you need to have several sites running at the same time, it is much cheaper to have a reseller plan than several hosting plans at once.

More Control

If you like being able to manage all the aspects of your website, a reseller package will typically offer you the ability to micromanage your site. You will basically have access to many features that allow you to control disk space usage, bandwidth limits and other important areas that come with running your own website.


If you find that you are not using all of your reseller space, or if you are running a webhosting company, you can make money by reselling space on your site. For businesses looking to increase their revenue, this is a great way to have your site pay for itself and still provide you with the space you need.

Other Benefits

Reseller hosting include firstly, economies of scale. The reseller creates an account with the hosting service provider; this then allows them to buy up server space and bandwidth in bulk from the supplier, which lowers the cost. The reseller splits the package bought into smaller retail value for their consumers. Economies of scale apply here because the reseller sources in bulk and so can provide the end user with affordable hosting solutions. Secondly, the reseller need only focus on marketing the service. This is because the administration, maintenance, upgrade, and other related functions are forwarded to the main host. Therefore, the reseller is allowed to focus on the promotion of services to the consumer. The revenue that they save on administration and support personnel can be directed towards online advertising methods. Furthermore, this enables individuals with little technical expertise to engage in the reseller business. You only need to understand marketing fundamentals and do not need any specialized knowledge of the subject matter.

How do I start ?

Perhaps you have an interest in web hosting and want a quick, easy and affordable way to start your company and get marketing to potential customers. Perhaps you are in a related industry and want to add to your menu of services to better serve your own customers and make your company an all inclusive web services firm. Regardless of the reasons for wanting to run your own web hosting company, you need to know how to start.

Web hosting companies that offer reseller hosting make it extremely easy. You can do this by following these easy steps:

  • Research web hosting companies to determine which ones offer reseller hosting.
  • Consider how many customers you think you can get added to your new company immediately. This will determine the package you will need.
  • Determine the types and size of packages you will offer your customer.
  • Determine the price you will sell your packages at or if you will use the hosting as a value added service to a related service.
  • Compare reseller hosting plans to determine which ones will best suit your needs and your budget.
  • Sign up for the reseller package that best suits your needs.
  • Follow the instructions provided to you by the parent host to set up each of your packages that you will offer your customers.
  • Begin marketing your new business and sign up customers.
  • Support your new customers and watch your business grow.